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A sexy RPG for the Nintendo Switch, Moero Crystal H, will be heading to the West thanks to EastAsiaSoft.

Moero Crystal H is a dungeon crawling RPG developed by Compile Heart and Idea Factory. It follows Zenox and his party of monster girls, who are on a quest to take back the stolen Bra of Darkness. By using the Panties of Light, they will free monster girls who are under the bra’s control and find out who is the thief that is causing all of this mischief.

The RPG has turn-based combat and over eighty monster girls to recruit to your party. There are also collectible bras and panties, upgradable living spaces to room your monster girls, and shoot’em up minigames. You can visit monster girls in their rooms, give them gifts, and talk to them to increase their affection and see unique scenes. Each monster girl has her own affection events.

Moero Crystal was originally released on the PS Vita in 2015, but it never made it over to the West. For the new version on the Nintendo Switch, Moero Crystal H will include HD graphics and rumble support, DLC characters from the previous game, English subtitles, and a new Double Scratch mechanic, which lets you play the “Loving Scratch” minigame with two monster girls instead of two.

Both the physical and digital release for Moero Crystal H will be sold for $39.99. A limited edition collector’s edition will also be available for $59.99. The physical editions will be sold in partnership with PlayAsia.

The Moero Crystal H Limited Collector’s Edition will be limited to 3000 pieces worldwide and include the following items:

A physical copy of the game (region free)

A full-color printed manual

An original soundtrack CD

An artbook

A sticker set

An individually numbered collector’s certificate

A collector’s box (with a beautifully embossed logo)

Pre-orders for the limited collector's edition and regular edition of Moero Crystal H will open on May 28th on PlayAsia. It should be noted that the physical editions available through PlayAsia are listed for the Asian region, but are region-free with English text. You can read more about the game in EastAsiaSoft’s announcement and the game’s official English site.

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