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An amnesiac man seeks to escape from an unusual hospital in Kiobe’s Escape from the hospital, a point and click mystery adventure game now available on Steam.

Escape from the hospital is a point and click mystery game made using the engine. As the game begins, a handsome man wakes up in a cell with no memory, wearing a bracelet with the number nine on it. As he leaves his cell to explore the facility, he finds what looks like an abandoned research lab. What’s more, humanoid monsters, often reminiscent of mythological creatures, reside in some of the rooms and appear to be fixated on sex.

The game is a series of logic puzzles. The only way forward is to reach the next floor but to do so, the player will need to explore surrounding rooms and solve simple riddles, like guessing passwords, or finding missing objects. By looking through documents and speaking with NPCs, the player will discover more about the mysterious hospital building and its purpose. The game has an estimated playtime of half an hour.

While exploring the facility in Escape from the hospital, the player may find pornographic material or see people either having sex or willing to enjoy themselves with the protagonist. The game features straight and gay sex scenes. The player is always given a warning when they’re about to see a gay sexual act and asked if they're willing to see it.

Escape from the hospital is a small quest puzzle. You find yourself in an abandoned hospital for unknown reasons and you have no choice but to start looking for a way out. On your way you will meet various monsters and not difficult puzzles. The playing time is about 30-40 minutes.

You can purchase Escape from the hospital on Steam for the promotional price of $0.84 until the 29th of May, at which point the game will cost $0.99.

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