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Design clothes and date the guy you want most in Celianna's customizable otomege, Tailor Tales Plus.

Tailor Tales Plus is the 18+ paid version of the free, all-ages game, Tailor Tales. The Plus version of the title includes adult content, a longer epilogue for each route, and no gold grinding required to unlock chapters.

You play as a fashion designer who meets a guy who adds some spice and complications to her life. As you play through the game, you will need to design clothes for clients to earn gold and buy the next chapter and continue the story. Only the free version of the title, Tailor Tales, has gold and dress requirements, while Tailor Tales Plus does not.

Tailor Tales Plus features:

– A longer epilogue for each route with explicit 18+ rated scenes

– The final and 10th CG of each route

– No gold or dress requirements for each chapter

– Unlock side stories for the characters

Whereas Tailor Tales is free to play, you still need to earn gold to unlock each chapter, and you get a shorter epilogue. Go for Tailor Tales Plus if you simply want to enjoy reading the story without grinding for gold, and you want to experience some nice smut.

Tailor Tales gives you many options in regards to the gameplay, how the main character looks, how she acts, and what she wears. Design your own clothes, decorate your fashionable boutique, and dress up your heroine however you like. Customize your heroine’s physical appearance and her personality by choosing to be fierce or kind to your man. You decide whether you want to be the dominant or submissive one in the relationship. Make the first move and kiss him, or let him take the romantic initiative; choose to take charge during sex or let him take the lead. There are no bad endings, so you won’t be punished for being too kind or fierce.

Eventually, Tailor Tales Plus will feature a dating mechanic that you can play after completing a route. Go on dates with your guy and afterwards, touch him wherever you want.

You can play the latest builds of Tailor Tales Plus by pledging $10 a month on Celianna’s Patreon. The free version of Tailor Tales is available on Itch.io and Steam. but this version is for all ages. As of the writing of this article, Neil, Dimitri, and Caine’s routes are all completed and playable.

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