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A prince and his four busty companions explore a monster-filled island looking for treasure in Kamichichi’s Island SAGA, an RPG published by Remtairy on Steam.

Island SAGA takes place in a fantasy world where islands appear on the sea from seemingly nowhere in a phenomenon known as Apiacum. These islands are known for having fantastic features and housing monsters not seen anywhere else. The prince from the Kingdom of Gultel is an avid adventure-seeker. With the blessing of his father, he embarks to explore one of the islands with the aid of four luscious servants. Their goal is to find a fabled treasure known as the Love Rheid.

Island SAGA is a role-playing game inspired by Square Enix’s SaGa franchise. In this game, the player controls the prince and his party of followers as they explore a mysterious island filled with enemies. Combat is realized in a turn-based fashion. There’s no class restrictions among characters, so every can access any of the six weapons and six magic types. As characters use various weapons and magics, they unlock associated skills and combination attacks. The game has no leveling system, and instead character’s stats grow depending on how they win battles.

The game features five difficulty settings, 50 quests, and takes from 12 to 16 hours to complete. AS the protagonist, you will be able to engage in sexual acts with various women they meet along the way, both in intimate and group sexual acts. The game’s largely focuses on sex acts involving breast play. While most adult scenes are presented with CGs, there are instances of interactive sex where the player attempts to pleasure a girl by stimulating various body parts at select speeds.

You can purchase Island SAGA on Steam for the promotional price of $13.99 until the 27th of May, at which point the game will cost $19.99. As is often the case for games like this on Steam, the adult content for Island SAGA has to be installed separately. It’s available in the form of a free patch, which can be found on Remtairy’s website.

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