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Crowdfunding Campaign for Puzzle Game World End Echo Launches on Kickstarter

Graven Visual Novels seeks to fund their latest indie game project, World End Echo. The game will mix puzzle gameplay with visual novel storytelling about a VR world.

Graven Visual Novels is a team of eight developers working on visual novel games. Their previous titles include the horror stories Silenced: The House and Still Alive, as well as a fantasy story Bewitched. Currently, they’re trying to create a visual novel that would feature match 3 puzzle gameplay with visual novel storytelling.

The plot of World End Echo begins when the protagonist puts on his VR headset and launches a new game about uniting tribes of amazonian women. To his surprise, he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic desert, with a tired and snarky assistant informing him that his brain was infected with a virus. Every time he completes an in-game quest, he will be granted medicine that will prolong his life. If he manages to beat the final boss, he will be given an antidote which will cure him completely. Additionally, he can’t quit the game until he wins. Obviously, all of this is being done legally, based on the user license agreement he signed, but didn’t read. Now, he’s trapped, and the only way out is to win.

The gameplay is mainly that of a visual novel, but whenever the protagonist engages in combat, the match 3 puzzle screen appears. Each fight is composed of multiple levels, and in each level the player has to match a set amount of specific tiles in a limited amount of moves. After each phase, the opponent loses a part of their clothing. After being defeated in the puzzle section, the woman will engage in a sexual relationship with the protagonist, though, it won’t always take place right away.

The full version of World End Echo is planned to contain eight girls with naked CGs and 50 puzzle stages distributed throughout the story, as well as a post-game arena mode which will contain additional girls and challenges. A demo version of the game is available on, which features two girls and fourteen puzzle levels.

To develop a base version of this game, the team needs to gather $2,000. There are also plans to extend the game with three more girls as stretch goals. The additional girls are each unlocked at $500 intervals — with each girl getting her own location, puzzle levels, and CGs. At the time of writing, the team has gathered $301.

If World End Echo caught your interest, you can read more about it and support it on Kickstarter. Like most crowdfunding campaigns, a number of goods is offered to the supporters. For a pledge of at least $5 the developers offer a copy of the game on release, on top of a wallpaper and a “Thank You” note. Higher tiers offer access to the OST, the ability to design a puzzle level, one of the girls for the arena, and an adult CG. Up to two pledgers can get lifetime free access to all future games by the studio for $500.

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