If it's a hole, it's a goal.

An island orphanage worker decides to run away with a young girl in 33ParadoX’s Victory Project, a mystery-thriller now available on Denpasoft, Sekai Project, and FAKKU.

Victory Project is a mystery visual novel taking place on the remote Hive Island. Ramon used to be a respected entrepreneur but became disgraced when, due to unjust money laundering allegations, the court sent him to prison. In a stroke of luck, Ramon was offered to spend his sentence working at an orphanage run by the military on Hive Island. While there, he meets a young girl named Durian and discovers that the island is used to conduct medical experiments in secrecy. Ramon then takes it upon himself to save Durian and run away with her.

The game features a story with mysteries and conspiracies but also features many cute girls doing cute things in comedic scenes, multiple endings, Chinese voice acting, and minigames. Despite having very little in terms of adult content, Victory Project was formerly rejected by Steam, pushing back its original December 2018 release date.


Ramon, a disgraced former entrepreneur, is assigned to work at a military-run orphanage on the mysterious "Hive Island" in exchange for early release from prison. After his arrival, he learns that the island is a facility for conducting secret medical experiments, and quickly falls in love with Durian, one of the young test subjects.

The two of them plan their escape together, but freedom may not be so easy to attain. What is the truth behind the experiments, what effect have they had on the inhabitants of the island, and what will Ramon and Durian be willing to sacrifice for their victory...?


• Multiple endings

• English and Chinese text options

• Chinese voice acting

• Mini games

You can purchase Victory Project on Denpasoft, Sekai Project, and FAKKU for the promotional price of $16.19. After the promotion ends, the visual novel will cost $17.99.

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