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Anime Central 2020 may have been cancelled, but MangaGamer still has some announcements to share.

On March 19th, Anime Central 2020, a convention that MangaGamer planned to attend, was cancelled. Even with the convention’s cancellation, MangaGamer plans to go through with their announcements. On May 14th, MangaGamer uploaded the announcement video, featuring the president and founder of MangaGamer and OVERDRIVE, Bamboo.

Video courtesy of MangaGamer.

The first announcement in regards to adult titles is that pre-orders for Beat Angel Escalayer R are open on MangaGamer. Beat Angel Escalayer R is a magical girl raising sim, developed by Alicesoft. When Kyouhei Yanase’s old childhood friend, Sayuka Kouenji, enrolls into his class, he’s happy to see her, but she pretends he doesn’t exist. He later finds out that Sayuka can transform into the magical superheroine Escalayer, and she is Earth’s only hope against the evil Dai-Lust. Help her train, enhance, and develop her abilities so she can defeat the invaders one and for all.

When Kyouhei Yanase's everyday life is interrupted by the invasion of an intergalactic menace, Dai-Lust, he chases after his fleeing classmate, Sayuka, only to find her ducking into an alley to jill off so she can transform into the magical superhero, Escalayer! With her powers awakened, she makes quick work of the initial invaders, but the threat to Earth is far from vanquished! In order to defend the planet and defeat the evil Dai-Lust, Kyouhei must power up her Dynamic ba-Dump Dynamo with hotter and more scandalous acts to develop and enhance her powers! Saving the world from extraterrestrial invaders has never been this hard and exciting!

The final announcement is their newest title, MUSICUS, a rock 'n roll visual novel developed by OVERDRIVE. When released, an all ages version will be available on Steam. The adult version, and an adult patch for Steam, will be available on MangaGamer.

Growing up, Kei's future could be not be any clearer. As the son of a long line of doctors he was on the fast track into medical college until everything changed one day. Forced to drop out and struggle to complete night classes to finish his education, he finds himself doubting the rails that had been laid before him. Did he ever truly want to be a doctor? Could there possibly be any other path for him to take in life? What follows an endeavor taken upon a whim leads to a whirlwind of new experiences and encounter with rock'n roll that strikes a chord with his very soul. Does he dare to do it? To cast aside his former dreams for the chance pursue something he never imagined before?

Experience it for yourself in this masterpiece that explores the soul of rock'n roll, and delves into the tribulations that follow every decision we make in life and our careers!

Beat Angel Escalayer R will be released June 11th. You can pre-order it on MangaGamer for the discounted price of $40.45, with the original price at $44.95. You can learn more about the MUSICUS licensing announcement from MangaGamer’s blog.

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