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College students live out their best years in College Life, a free-to-play management game now available on Nutaku.

College Life is a free-to-play game taking place at the Beaverton college campus. During their latest party, the students completely ruined the campus, breaking roofs and leaving garbage everywhere. Throughout the game, they work together to rebuild their living space and bond along the way.

The game is a management simulator with a high degree of customization. As you play, you will be getting requests from the students to assign people to various tasks. Each request will be presented with a short dialogue between two or more students, often packed with innuendos and stereotypical college humor. The tasks usually take place in specific buildings around the campus. Every student is a unique character, and can only do one thing at a time. Your goal is to distribute available students around the campus to efficiently complete your tasks. There's no way to lose the game, and as such, your performance will only affect the speed at which you unlock new content, including additional students and areas of the campus.

Completing tasks rewards you with money and experience. The two currencies can be used to purchase decorations for the campus, as well as alternative clothing for your students. Everything in the campus can be customized, from paving the roads to moving and rotating already existing buildings. Making progress with the tasks will also advance the storyline, which will cause characters involved in the given task to become more intimate with one another. Each storyline contains five unlockable graphic images, each lewder than the last.

Monetization in College Life is handled through a premium currency called kisses. The currency can be used to bypass the wait time on completing actions. At the same time, a few students and some decorations can only be unlocked by buying them with kisses.

You can play College Life for free on Nutaku.

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