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Take control of Lara as she fights to rid Beaver City of a zombie outbreak in KG/AM's LEWDAPOCALYPSE Penesis Evil.

On an average day in Beaver City, a zombie outbreak suddenly occurs and evil sex-driven monsters flood the streets. It’s up to you to guide the heroine, Lara, through the chaos by raining bullets and spilling countless amounts of blood.

LEWDAPOCALYPSE Penesis Evil is a side-scrolling action game that you can play with one hand. Shoot your way hoards of the undead using your mouse, switching between weapons to suit your zombie-killing needs. Make sure you have enough ammo to keep up the barrage and blast them away until you reach the next level. Solve puzzles to unlock animated sex scenes and make choices that will decide Lara's fate.

My name is Lara!

It all began as an ordinary day in Beaver City.

But then, Zombie outbreak starts!

The streets become crowded with hungry and lusty evil creatures!

You're my last chance for survival...

Help me to escape this nightmare!

Game features

- Dynamic Action Levels, full of bloody violence, you can play with one hand!

- Animated Erotic Scenes you can unlock by solving puzzles!

- Your choices really matter!

- New Game + All the Sexy scenes you missed during your first playthrough!

- Three different endings!

You can buy LEWDAPOCALYPSE Penesis Evil on Steam for $0.99. There is also a demo available for download if you want to try the game out before buying.

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