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Turn-Based Strategy Game Need for Sin Now Available on Erogames

A team of gangsters works to regain their creed in Need for Sin, a turn-based tactical strategy game now available on Erogames.

Need for Sin is a turn-based strategy game focused on squad combat. The player takes the role of a crime boss whose team was caught during a bank heist by the FBI. Eventually, you’re let go under the condition that you’ll do whatever dirty work the FBI asks of you.

The game is divided between PvE and PvP missions. In both modes, you’ll compose a team of four gangsters and send them into battle. The combat takes place in turns, with both teams being able to take up to four actions per turn. Every character can walk, shoot, use a skill unique to them, or use a consumable item if you've equipped them with one. Each of these actions can only be performed once per turn, so you can’t spend all four of your action points shooting with one gangster. To win you have to defeat the enemy team.

Aside for a unique skill, each character is a part of a tribe and has a class defined by their weapon, both of which provide additional bonuses. New gangsters are unlocked as part of the story by completing PvE missions. Each missions has characters assigned to it, which have to be a part of your team, and a minimum combined level your team has to have to participate. You can upgrade gangsters who gained enough experience with cash gained from winning PvP fights. Every time you upgrade a character its statistics will improve, and the picture on its character page will change, showing the next part of a sex scene.

Monetization in Need for Sin allows you to purchase the game’s two currencies — gold and cash — which are used to upgrade characters, buy consumable items like grenades, and passively level up to four inactive characters in the training hall. The game contains 50 heroes and 60 story missions.

You can play Need for Sin on Erogames for free.

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