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[UPDATED] Crowdfunding Campaign for BottleBiosphere ~Living with a Runaway Girl~ Launched on Kickstarter

[UPDATE] 05-21-2020 06:52 AM EST: KuMoNoSuGame has updated the demo of BottleBiosphere ~Living with a Runaway Girl~ with additional dialogues and a sex scene. You can read about these changes and download the demo on We've added sample CGs from the new sex scene to the gallery at the bottom of this article.

KuMoNoSuGame seeks to crowdfund BottleBiosphere ~Living with a Runaway Girl~, a visual novel in which you're taking care of a depressed girl who ran away from home.

KuMoNoSuGame is a group of independent developers that's out to produce a visual novel with simulation elements. The team is unable to finance their efforts on their own, and has decided to bring their project to Kickstarter. Titled BottleBiosphere ~Living with a Runaway Girl~, the game will have the player take care of, and date, a young girl named Fuyuka, who ran away from home and hid at their place.

The game is designed around time management. Each morning the player has to go to work, and every evening the girl will be back at their doorstep. You can spend time with her by talking, patting her on the head, or doing things together. Whenever the player run out of time or energy to do anything else, they’ll have to go to sleep. As the player’s relationship with the girl deepens, they will be able to perform more intimate actions. The player will also be able to buy new clothing for Fuyuka, which will unlock new scenes.

The team desires for BottleBiosphere ~Living with a Runaway Girl~ to be a romance story with a single route, consisting of up to 150,000 words, featuring full voice acting for Fuyuka, fifteen or more CG’s, five animated sexual minigames, simulation gameplay, and three endings. How much of their vision they can realize will fully depend on how much funding they can raise, with $5,000 being the minimum budget required to produce a basic version of the game.

$5000 : The minimum game development cost, can at least finish the game.

$7000 : A outfits changing system, include at least 10 underwears, 15 clothes, 10 hairstyle(all with 3~5 colors).

$9000 : 5 H(sex) events with voice and CG, 2 H(sex) animated mini-game which you can change her outfit and use some adult toys.

$12000 : H events increase to 8, H mini-game increase to 5.

$15000 : All Fuyuka-chan's dialogues will be voiced. A dating system which you can date with Fuyuka-chan at different spots(park, zoo, pool...etc). New dating event and CG.

$20000 : Fuyuka-chan will upgrade to Live2D! More CG, event, outfits, H events, H mini-game, dating spots...We might also able to add new system according to the community's opinion(especially our VIPs).

A demo of BottleBiosphere ~Living with a Runaway Girl~ is available on It doesn’t contain many gameplay elements, but allows you to meet Fuyuka. You get to see the first few days she spends at the player’s apartment, slowly opening up to him, or perhaps growing guilty over the trouble she brings.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, or support it, you can head to the BottleBiosphere ~Living with a Runaway Girl~ Kickstarter, or the developer’s Patreon. At the time of writing, the crowdfunding campaign has gathered $439 out of the $5,000 minimum goal. It will be open until 2:27 PM EDT on the 8th of June. BottleBiosphere ~Living with a Runaway Girl~ is scheduled to release in February 2021.

If you choose to support the game on Kickstarter with a pledge of $13 (estimated from HK $100), you will receive a copy of the full game upon the project’s completion. Higher tiers offers access to a digital art book, early access, VIP discord roles, having ones name in the credits, and receiving a version of the game with custom dialogue or a custom event.

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