Going in dry

A young man adopts a dog who transforms into a loving woman in azucat’s Returning the favor of the dog, now available on DLsite.

Returning the favor of the dog begins with a young man who's visiting a temple spotting an abandoned puppy. Feeling worried for the well-being of the small animal, the man takes it home and takes care of it. One day, after coming back from work, he can’t see his pet anywhere, instead finding an unknown woman rummaging through his kitchen. He calls for his dog, Chill, only for the woman to jump at him and lick his face, revealing that without a doubt, she is his dog.

The game is a simple caretaking simulator. Each day, you can do four things with Chill, such as watching TV, drinking tea, eating rice, studying, or bathing. Each of these actions raises Chill’s personal stats, which affects her dialogue. After some time, Chill will wake up her owner with surprise fellatio. From that day onward, you can also train her sexual skills.

Every day, you will gain money, which can be used to purchase food, clothing, and other items for Chill. The dog girl can be customized at any time using the game's menu, allowing you to change her clothing, hair, hair color, and eye color. There's no objective in Returning the favor of the dog, other than enjoying Chill's company and watching her develop.

The puppy I rescued (Chill) was turned into a canine-eared girl one day.

They don't speak very well at first, but as they play and learn, they will gradually learn the language and be able to communicate with you more deeply.

[Caring for them]

Chill loves you for raising her.

Depending on what you learn together, she'll learn to cook with you or become a slutty dog who loves to get laid.

[Endless cohabitation]

There is a story, but no clear ending.

Enjoy a little magical cohabitation with Chill.

You can purchase Returning the favor of the dog on DLsite for the promotional price of $14.02 (estimated from ¥1,496) until the 17th of May, at which point the game will cost $17.52 (estimated from ¥1,870).

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