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Indie developer A Memory of Eternity is looking to crowdfund production of their latest turn-based RPG, Memoirs of a Battle Brothel.

A Memory of Eternity is an indie game developer specializing in turn-based RPGs. In the past, they've successfully crowdfunded Singularity: Tactics Arena and You Are a Dark God: Desolation Road. The first game is now available on Steam, while the second has seen the release of its prelude game, The Singularity Wish. Now, the developer wants to set out and create Memoirs of a Battle Brothel, an adult RPG in a cyberpunk setting, where politics and sex intertwine.

We previously featured Memoirs of a Battle Brothel back in March, during the release of the game’s demo on Steam. The project is a turn-based RPG set in a cyberpunk city-state, where many syndicates fight for control. Among them is the courtesan guild, which functions as an intermediary in many of these conflicts. Tasks related to managing the relationships and troubles of other syndicates are performed by the Courtesan Guild’s Facilitators, who also handle the management of the brothels and their maintenance staff so that the girls can work at peace.

The game features large amounts of character customization. Players can choose their backgrounds from before they joined the Courtesan Guild and select their class, which will later allow them to access different sub-classes, and defines their connection to other syndicates. The creation process will affect the player’s dialogue options and affect the perspective from which they explore the political intrigues within the City-State of Moonfall on a given playthrough.

Memoirs of a Battle Brothel is a narrative-driven, tactical turn-based RPG with mechanics inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and D&D 5e. Players assume the role of a Facilitator, an associate of the Courtesan’s Guild that provides much-needed services for guild members, including lodging and upkeep of facilities that attracts a wealthy clientele.

Of course, in the cyberpunk setting of MoonFall, even luxuries are often undercut with the threat of violence. Whether it’s pressure from one of the ruling crime syndicates, disgruntled nobles or even a blood contract from a private military company, the Guild finds itself beset on all sides, sometimes even from within. In order to maintain its political standing and position in the MoonFall underworld, the Guild must occasionally meet force with force, and while its members are much more renowned for their other... talents, the Guild has retained a formidable martial reputation since its founding.

Players assume the role of a Facilitator. Part manager-owner, steward and battle commander: your actions will impact the prosperity of your Guild Hall.

You can read more about Memoirs of a Battle Brothel and support the project on Kickstarter. The goal of the campaign is to gather at least $15,000. At the time of writing, $2,755 has been raised. The crowdfunding effort will last until 7:22 PM CEST on June 4th. A demo of the game is available on Steam and Itch.io.

Like most Kickstarter campaigns, Memoirs of a Battle Brothel offers various benefits to its backers. A $20 pledge includes a digital copy of the game upon its release. Donating $5 more adds a copy of a Memory of Eternity’s previous game, Singularity: Tactics Arena. Higher backer tiers include closed beta access, a desktop background, extra copies of the game, the ability to be listed in the credits and name a randomly-generated NPC, crafting a piece of weaponry or armor, designing an enemy unit, a quest, or a major NPC, and a special role on the game's discord server.

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