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Yuri visual novel I Have Reincarnated as a Dragoness?! seeks funding on Kickstarter.

I Have Reincarnated as a Dragoness?! Is an isekai visual novel, revolving around Hana Kano, a young man from a broken home. As a kid, his father left him and his mother financially unstable. Hana’s mother was abused by her husband to the point of hospitalization and eventually died. A year after her death, Hana had a strange dream where a strange woman offered to grant his wish in exchange for his life. After agreeing to the terms, Hana is set ablaze and finds his apartment on fire. He was then reborn as a dragoness. Hana adjusts to this new life as she grows up, but there’s so much in the world she doesn’t understand. After coming home from a journey, she finds her parents captured by a white dragon.

The game is planned to have multiple choices, yuri romance options, and many different worlds to explore. Currently there are three possible romances, Arisu the ice woman, Tamae the phoenix, and Tiara the fallen angel.

Character profiles:

To fund I Have Reincarnated as a Dragoness?!, Sleepy Heads Productions is asking for $7,000 on Kickstarter. If they reach the goal, there are two stretch goals available. If they reach $10,000, more sound effects will be added to the game. If they raise $20,000, there will be more CGs.


‘Once you have made a decision, the universe would try to make it happen no matter if it's here or over there.’

Hana Kano once had a loving family until his father fell to alcoholism and eventually lost his beloved mother due to his father’s abuse.

A year after his mother’s death, in a dream, Hana met One who offered to grant his wish in exchange for his life.

After Hana’s wish has been granted, Hana finds himself reincarnated into another world as a Dragoness?!

Now with a new start, what will Hana the Dragoness experience?

The Kickstarter for I Have Reincarnated as a Dragoness?! ends June 4th. You can learn more about the game on Sleepy Heads Productions' Kickstarter page. There is also a playable demo that can be found on Itch.io.

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