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Action Platformer BEE WAR Now Available on Steam

A lone bee fights to liberate her brethren from slavery in aphrodite’s BEE WAR, an action platformer published by H-GAME on Steam.

BEE WAR is an action platformer about an anthropomorphized female bee trying to end the reign of rape and slavery imposed on the bee kingdom by insects that conquered it in the year 20XX. The player’s objective is simple: find the key located in each level and reach the door at its end. To accomplish that, you’ll have to fight your way through insects and jump over platforms.

The combat system in BEE WAR is reminiscent of a brawler, as the bee can punch, kick, and shoot projectiles from her abdomen. If one of the game's various insect enemies touches the bee, her clothing will tear, revealing her breasts. Additional attacks from enemies will trigger a rape animation, which the player can wiggle out of. Escaping the rape animation will kill the enemy, but also takes away one of the girl’s health points. Losing the game completely will reveal additional CGs, some of which are animated. Unlocked scenes can be later viewed in the game’s gallery.

This is horizontally scrolling action.

The plump heroine moves forward while taking items.

By taking items, you can build up power quickly and then use your death blow.

The level of difficulty for the action becomes more difficult in the second half.

Use 7 types of attack, dash and jump etc. to form a strategy.

(For those who are not keen on action, it is equipped with some hidden tricks)

If you come into contact with the enemy, your lives go down.

If you grab your opponent while her tits are out, you can rape her.

In the street you are attacked by bees of the same group.

Take keys on the various walls and move forward.

As you progress in the stages, it gets more difficult but there is continuity

(Where there is continuity, the item effects are also carried over, so it becomes easier the more continuity there is)

You can purchase BEE WAR on Steam for $6.99.

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