Lick twice for service

Help Yu solve puzzles in the escape rooms designed by his hot new girlfriend in Yu Escape / Monday.

Developed by Team Tailnut and published by TinyHat Studios, Yu Escape / Monday is the first chapter of an escape room adventure game. Our protagonist, Yu is being used as a guinea pig by his girlfriend Shi to test her escape rooms. Yu doesn’t like escape games, but to make things more interesting, when he makes it out, there will be a sexy reward waiting for him.

You have to look for clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. Along the way, you’ll find pieces of lewd pictures. Find the rest of the pieces to complete the picture, and, after escaping Shi's rooms, you'll get to claim your prize.

The first chapter in a series of deviously delightful adventure games- of the escape variety!

Yu's new girlfriend, Shi, is a very passionate Escape Room designer and our plucky protagonist has found himself the guinea pig for her latest elaborate entrapping contraption!

Will Yu be able to outwit Shi's challenges to escape to the sexy prize hidden at the end?

- FUNKY, SEXY, FUN- It's okay to be here for the boobs. Boobs are cool.

- SOLVE BRAIN-BENDING PUZZLES- Dreamed up by deranged madmen. (Us.)

- CHUCKLE SENSIBLY- Quirky, comedic, writing that only partially relies on puns.

- BASK IN VICTORY- If you're clever enough, that is.

- SETTING THE STAGE- More chapters to come, based on community response!

You can play Yu Escape / Monday for free on Steam, with DLC also available. Yu Escape / Monday - Shi’s SEXtra Supporter Pack adds twelve more challenges and twelve lewd pictures to the game. This addition to the game is for those who enjoyed the base game and wish to support the developer. You can purchase the DLC on sale for $3.59. When the sale ends on May 8th, the price will increase to $3.99.

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