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A company specializing in mobile VNs is seeking additional funding to add voice acting to Harakiri! Geisha Girls, a free-to-play visual novel about a school for samurai and geisha.

Abracadabra Inc. is a publisher of otome and boy’s love visual novels for mobile devices. They have decided to create their first title aimed at the male audience and concluded that it would greatly benefit from the inclusion of voice acting, but they can’t afford to add it on their own. The visual novel will be titled Harakiri! Geisha Girls and feature four love interest in its initial release. The company has estimated that it would cost them ¥500,000 or about $4,653 to voice each girl for one route. Since the campaign’s launch on the first of May, it has gathered a little over a thousand dollars.

Harakiri! Geisha Girls is scheduled to release in the second quarter of 2020 as a free to play visual novel. The readers will be able to enjoy the story for free at a limited speed. Every five hours, players will receive tickets that allow them to unlock the next chapter of the story. An in-game currency called rubies will be used to purchase additional tickets or random cosmetics by way of gacha, including outfits and alternative breast sizes for the heroines.

The story of Harakiri! Geisha Girls will take place in the fictional country of Nippon, which is heavily inspired by Japan. The main difference setting the two apart is that in Nippon, the samurai and geisha occupations are still being practiced. The story’s protagonist is a Nipponjin otaku who grew up in the US and decided to return to his country of origin in order to study and become a samurai. Soon after arriving at Fujiyama High, he’s tasked with earning the trust of his fellow students. If he can't succeed within a week, he will have to commit harakiri.

Initially, the game will feature four girls and two story routes. The voice actresses for the girls have already been selected. The protagonist’s insane neighbor Anko is voiced by Kaori Fukuhara, while the tsundere class chairman speaks with the voice of Haruka Michii. The emotionless and large-breasted ninja Muna is voiced by Akari Uehara, and the elegant Yamato’s voice was chosen to be Miho Hayashi. The performances will appear in the game’s tutorial, but their presence in other parts of the game is dependent on the Kickstarter’s success.

The campaign was split into five tiers. For half a million yen ($4,653), the studio can afford to voice the first route, and if they manage to collect a full million yen ($9,365), both story routes will be voiced. If the team gathers a million and a half ($14,047) the game will feature additional voice lines in sub-menus and personalized greetings which will change each month.

If the campaign reaches the three million yen stretch goal ($28,095), Abracadabra Inc. plans to include an interactive breast system. The characters will have simple animations, such as waving their body and blinking, but with this extra feature, their breasts would also bounce, especially when pressed. The high cost of this feature is explained by the game having four different breast sizes available to each girl as gacha unlocks.

Finally, the five million yen ($46,825) stretch goal is a Steam release of the game. It would contain additional content, including new stories, artwork, and voice lines. The team hopes that by releasing a Steam version of Harakiri! Geisha Girls they would be able to feature more explicit content than on mobile platforms, allowing the girls to show more of their skin.

You can read about the voice cast for Harakiri! Geisha Girls crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign will last until 7:59 AM CEST on the 7th of June. By supporting the project at various donation tiers, you can receive special goodies, like having your name listed among other contributors, an exclusive smartphone wallpaper, a thank-you postcard, a 4x4 inch sticker of one of the girls, a CD with the game’s soundbites, and even having one of the NPCs exclusive to an upcoming event named after you and being called out by one of the waifus.

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