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A new queen works tirelessly to save her country despite being abused by other nobles in Banana King's Queen's Glory.

Queen's Glory is a political kingdom management visual novel set in the XVII Century. The Norman Kingdom was attacked by the Cesten Empire and lost its king. With no male heirs left, the king appoints his daughter Alisa as his successor. The new queen quickly decides to sign the peace agreement with the Cesten Empire but is met with an ultimatum: the Norman Kingdom will now have to pay an enormous yearly tax to the Cesten Empire and their king will use the queen as he pleases.

The game is turn-based and driven by the player's decision-making. Each month, there will be three events, during which the player has to decide new policies for the kingdom. The player’s choice will affect five statistics of the kingdom: military, agriculture, politics, popularity, and economy. If any one of these values is too low during a crucial moment, the player may lose the game. Additionally, at the end of each year, the kingdom’s economy has to be at or above 20 points, or it won't be able to pay the tax to the Cesten Empire.

The story of Queen’s Glory is told through visual novel cutscenes taking place in-between the decision-making events. Some of those episodes may contain their own choices, which will also affect the state of the kingdom. Alissa will often be taken advantage of by the other nobles and foreign kings. In some scenarios, she can send her trusty maid to act in her place or support her, in which case she will be raped or coerced into sex as well.

◆ Story Summary

In 1653, the Cesten Empire tore up the "Twenty Years Peace Treaty" and launched a surprise attack on the Norman Kingdom. Facing the powerful forces of the Cesten Empire, the totally unprepared Norman was completely defeated.

The Norman capital was occupied, the two princes died in the battle and the king died of serious injuries. The old king passed the throne to his daughter [Alisa] before he died.

You will play the Queen [Alisa] who was granted the throne in times of crisis. Facing the threat of the Cesten Empire and the covetous eyes of the neighboring countries, can you lead Norman to survive in the desperate situation of losing the country? Can you lead Norman to revenge against Cesten Empire after three years?

◆ Game Features

◇ 32 pieces of basic CGs, including 200 different pieces.

◇ 100,000 words of game text.

◇ SLG game of country operation and strategy simulation

◇ Game endings: 3 types

◆ Characteristic System

◇ Enable full CG mode in environment settings to browse HCG freely

◇ Stress-free operation design

・ Support one-click operation for mouses

・ Quick text-jumping system

You can purchase Queen's Glory on Steam for the promotional price of $11.69 until the 8th of May, at which point it will cost $12.99. The game is also available on DLsite for the promotional price of $12.03 (estimated from ¥1,287) until the 14th of May, at which point it will cost $13.37 (estimated from ¥1,430). A demo of the game is available on DLsite.

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