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Four girls try to melt a man’s frozen heart so he can appreciate the joys of winter in Yukikoi Melt, now available on Steam.

Developed and Published by Frontwing, Yukikoi Melt is a moege with art from nanaca mai, who did illustrations in Corona Blossoms and the Grisaia series' SD artwork.

The story follows Miharu, a young man who hates winter and the cold weather that comes with it. When the season comes around, he prefers to hibernate inside and snuggle underneath a warm blanket. After moving to Yubane, where snow covers everything and the temperatures reach below zero, Miharu planned to stay inside and wait for spring. Those plans got ruined when the four girls of the Winter Club convinced him to join them, and they intend to show him the good sides of the cold season.

The girls in the Winter Club are Taruhi Himeguri, an undercover winter hater, Kanon Reppuji, the club troublemaker, Shizuri Unazuki, the mother figure of the club, and Yuki Tsukumo, the self declared child of winter. They invite Miharu to their hot springs inn, have snowball fights, and make snow sculptures in order to break through his frozen heart. Why are they going through all this trouble for him?

"Yukikoi Melt" is a visual novel about a young man's life in the Winter Country, featuring the characteristically cute art of nanaca mai, the main illustrator for Corona Blossom and the SD artwork in the Grisaia series.

Miharu, a winter hater, and the girls of the Winter Club find their lives intertwined when he moves to snowy Yubane and they attempt to share the joys of the cold season with him.

At first it seems like the Winter Club is all about enjoying the season through snowball fights and making snow sculptures, but soon Miharu notices there's a deeper meaning behind the fun.

After spending a month helping the girls contribute to the Yubane community, Miharu grows closer to the mysterious Taruhi. Can she melt his heart?

You can find Yukikoi Melt for sale on Steam at the price of $26.99. After May 6th, the sale will end and the game will return to its regular price of $29.99. While the game comes censored on Steam, you can download the 18+ patch from JAST USA at no extra charge.

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