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Online retailer and publisher JAST USA has organized a sale to celebrate this year’s Golden Week.

Japanese Golden Week is a period when a number of holidays take place, and people have plenty of free time. Hoping to provide entertainment during this period, JAST USA has discounted a number of its titles from the 30th of April to the 6th of May.

Brave Alchemist Colette is an adventure RPG featuring a large cast of characters and an in-depth crafting system. In the game, you follow young Colette, a lewd alchemist who — for the very first time — has to work without her mistress’s guidance. The game is being sold at 15% off for $21.24.

The Grisaia trilogy begins with The Fruit of Grisaia, a visual novel about Yuuji Kazami, a young man who transfers to the unusual Mihama Academy. The academy is meant as a school for disobedient children, but in reality, it's closer to a prison. Every student has a reason for being there, including five female students Yūji meets soon after enrolling. This visual novel is available at half-off for $20. Its sequels, The Labyrinth of Grisaia and The Eden of Grisaia, are being sold for $16.49 at 45% off for the duration of the sale.

Breeding Village is a nukige about a man traveling to a countryside village, filled with women seeking sexual pleasure. The visual novel can be purchased for $6.98 at 30% off.

Momoiro Closet is a visual novel about an unlikely romance between a high-class female student, Kagamihara Alice, and the average student, Hashima Reiji. The two of them run into each other at a toy shop, where Reiji discovers that Alice is secretly an otaku. Being her first friend who knows about her hobby, the boy quickly forges a friendship with Alice. During the sale, you can purchase Momoiro Closet for $17.99 at 40% off.

The visual novel Sweet Home - My Sexy Roommates follows Ryuichi, a young student who moved out to live on his own but lost his apartment in a fire. Once he returns to live with his stepmother, he discovers that she’s now renting the apartment to many other women. Currently, you can buy Sweet Home - My Sexy Roommates for $21 at 40% off.

Nympho Sensei Ryoko lets you explore the daily life of a sex-crazed female teacher. The visual novel is divided into three stages of the day, during which, Ryoko finds various ways to satisfy her insatiable needs. The title is currently being sold for $21 at 40% off.

Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ is a mystery visual novel about a prophecy saying that the world will end on July 20th. The story follows five different characters throughout seven chapters, with many chapters taking place in the same timeframe, following a different character. During the sale, you can buy it for $18 at 40% off.

Loca-Love My Cute Roommate is a love story about Aoi Ichitaro, who needed a temporary place to stay, and Kojika Hiwa, his co-worker who invited him to stay at her place. As the two live together, they start to grow closer. The visual novel is now available for $11.98 at 40% off.

Bazooka Cafe is a comedic dating sim about a young man who becomes a manager at a café manned by large-breasted women. It is currently available for $8.97 at 40% off.

OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos is a slapstick yuri comedy about Akuru Hayahoshi, who gets overly excited about a lucky pull in a gacha and declares her love to a fictional character. Her co-worker, Ren Furutachi, assumes that Akuru was speaking to her and moves into her house thereafter. The visual novel is currently being sold for $22.49 at 10% off.

You can browse the sale directly on JAST USA's website., where it will last until the 6th of May.

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