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Visual Novel Streaming Service OOParts Launches in Japan

Black Inc. has launched OOParts, a visual novel streaming service with over one hundred titles available for PC and mobile devices.

OOParts is a new visual novel streaming service launched by Black Inc., a Japanese company established in 2018 that’s focused on cloud-based gaming. OOParts will provide over a hundred visual novel titles that members can play from their browsers. Simply click on what you want to play and it will be streamed to your browser. You can play it as you would any other visual novel: you can save and load your game, exit the game, and continue from where you left off, as long as you sign in with the same account.

Additionally, there are nukige titles available. If you make an account, make sure to switch your account out of safe mode to see the more risque titles. You can find titles that have already made it to the West and others that you might not be familiar with. While all of the visual novels are in Japanese, some of them may offer an English language option. According to Gemastu’s article on OOParts, they tested Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol. 1, which features an option to use the full English localization. From our own findings, the R18 version of Chloro’s 2236 A.D. can also be played in English.

A subscription to OOparts costs 3,000 ¥ per month, but they are currently on sale for 1,000 ¥ a month. There is also a free, no-login campaign going on, which allows you to play visual novels with no commitment, from April 24th to April 26th.

You can check out OOParts by following the link. Keep in mind that if you want to log in, you’ll need to do it through your Twitter account.

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