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Free to Play CCG War of Venus Now Available on Nutaku

Collect heroines and protect the world tree in War of Venus, a gacha-based, collectible card game now available on Nutaku.

War of Venus takes place in a fantasy land created by the World Tree, at the base of which is the holy lake Acacia. Waters of that lake can provide people with immeasurable power, and allow women to bear offspring, as men don't appear in this world. Naturally, every kingdom wanted to conquer the lake for themselves. The wars they waged eventually lead to a truce, but everyone is still plotting to reach for the lake, and a new danger looms in the darkness. To protect the tree and the lake, the goddess of the land summons you, the first man in this world, to be its chosen guardian.

War of Venus is a collectible card game with an auto-combat system. You can gain new character cards from events and paid gacha. Each card represents a heroine unique to this world, with her own backstory and collection of skills. You can use resources to improve their character level and their star level. The former raises the character’s statistic, the latter unlocks new abilities, hentai CGs, and the image transformation system: if a girl with three stars or more loses 26% of her health, her clothes will be partially torn, and if a 5-star girl loses 61% of her health, she will become completely naked.

The game’s combat system is fully automatic. You can select an encounter from the level map and choose your deck of characters for the battle. Your character selection is limited by your number of available deck slots and the point cost of each girl. Once the fight starts, the turn counter will slowly tick up. Characters are summoned to the board when the turn indicated on their card arrives, after which they will begin to attack the opponents every turn. If there’s no opposing card blocking the attacker, they will instead attack the enemy directly. The fight ends if one side runs out of active cards, or out of health.

War of Venus is a fantasy-themed CCG galgame!

It combines the best features of strategy and simulation RPG games.

Legend has it that the World Tree will select a chosen male to save this all-girl realm from the evil Inquisition’s invasion!

Thus, as the only man in this fantastic land, you must prepare for battle and assemble teams from hundreds of girls!

Explore the strategic depth of battle in this adventurous journey.

Eventually, the hope will raise again, and a new fairyland will appear from the fog for you to live happily with the girls forever!

Key Features

• 3 Different appearance with each evolution

• 6 different Classes

• Collect 100+ girls

• 400+ Challenge Stages

• Unlock exclusive H-stories by Star Up

• Real-Time PvP (later patch)

You can play War of Venus for free on Nutaku.

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