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An ex-superhero seeks to reunite with her girlfriend in the dystopian world of Anduo Games’ Third Crisis, a turn-based adventure game now available on Steam Early Access.

Third Crisis is a sci-fi adventure game following the fate of Jennifer Wright, also known as Jenna ‘Vibe’, an agent of the agency for international rights and humanitarian protection, dedicated to solving conflicts around the world in the least violent ways possible. Due to a failed teleportation experiment, Jenna gained superpowers, but as a result, her body is unable to keep itself together in one place without the assistance of a specialized suit. During one of her missions, Jenna attempts to stop an android terrorist cell, loses the fight, and the enemies dismantle her suit. As her powers go out of control, she’s thrust into the future, where the terrorists won and her friends are nowhere to be seen.

The game is an adventure game heavily reliant on its storytelling. As Jenna, you will be exploring the futuristic world where humans are controlled by androids, manipulating human sexual desires. To find your old friends, you will need to make new ones, earn money, and find ways to handle the highly corrupt and exploitative society you’ve found yourself in.

Third Crisis features a turn-based combat system that comes into play when you need to solve your issues by force. Each character has a limited amount of actions they can take each turn, which includes movement, weapon attacks, and special abilities, some of which may be further limited by cooldown timers. You can have multiple characters in your party. There is no level-up system, but stats can be altered by changing equipment.

The game features a gay-leaning bisexual heroine, as well as gay men, tentacle monsters, and futanari. You will be warned about the more unusual fetishes and have the option to skip them. Many adult scenes are driven by elements of coercion and blackmail, while the game’s consensual scenarios are largely driven by the abnormal levels of lust in the world of Third Crisis. Some of the non-consensual scenarios aren't optional, and engaging in sexual activity will slowly corrupt the heroine's morals.

You can purchase Third Crisis on Steam for $19.99. Additionally, a demo of the game is available on the Steam store page and on Itch.io. You can also access the game by donating $5 or more to Anduo Games’ Patreon.

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