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Dharker Studios' collection of erotic, comic-like kinetic novels, Paizuri Fantasies Kinetic Novel, is now available on Steam.

Developed and published by Dharker Studios, Paizuri Fantasies Kinetic Novel is a collection of stories that are set up like issues of a comic book series. There are two series of stories and one bonus story, which includes a character from each of the previous series.

Paizuri Hotel Issues 1-10 follow Joshua, a man who failed to reach his ambitions, but everything started to turn around when he inherited the Pai Hotel. Now, he manages the hotel and attends to all the needs of the female residents. It looks like Joshua has gotten a pretty nice gig, but is everything really what they seem to be?

Yuuki’s Fantasies Issues 1-5 is about the titular character’s numerous sexual fantasies. In this series of comics, she will explore her sexuality and all of her untapped perversions without the judgment of her partner.

The bonus story, Paizuri Fantasies, is a prequel to both comic series. It explores how Yuuki from Yuuki’s Fantasies and Chi Chi from Paizuri Hotel met, with an unexpected encounter, leading to a lingerie store visit and eventually some intimate fun together.

There is also DLC available for Paizuri Fantasies Kinetic Novel. You can get a three hundred fifty-page digital PDF edition of the comics.

You can buy Paizuri Fantasies Kinetic Novel at a discount of $11.24 and the DLC of the graphic novel PDF for $11.99 on Steam. After April 24th, both sales will end and the game’s price will increase to $14.99, with the DLC's price returning to $14.99.

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