Lick twice for service

Memorize and match cards to unlock hentai illustrations in Pen in Apple studio’s Sweet Story Bunny Club, now available on Steam.

Sweet Story Bunny Club is a classic match-2 memory puzzle game, in which the player is tasked with memorizing the location of graphic icons spread throughout a picture. Selecting two cards of the same suit will remove them from play, revealing the illustration. The pictures in Sweet Story Bunny Club unveil a romantic encounter between an unassuming man and a pink-haired girl wearing a bunny suit.

Developed by the Pen in Apple studio, the Sweet Story franchise now features six games, with Sweet Story Bunny Club being the latest. The game contains nine illustrations, six of which require installing the free Adult Only Content DLC. Players may skip the memory puzzle with a shortcut if they only wish to view the illustrations, while those who play through the challenge will be rewarded with a Steam achievement.

Neon lights are flashing in the club, music is playing, the crowd is on a rampage. However, in the twilight, there is a lonely silhouette ... It looks like this is a girl, and she is looking at you ... What does she need and how can you help her?

To get DLS, click on the checkmark in the management of additional content in the library.

Press "Ctrl + F" to get an easy win

or you can win by yourself to get a special hardcore achievement.

Sweet Story Bunny Club is a puzzle game in which you must collect all pairs of pictures to reproduce the image.

Enjoy lush pictures, great music, and leisurely gameplay with Bunny.

You can purchase Sweet Story Bunny Club on Steam for the promotional price of $0.79 until the 24th of April, at which point the game will cost $0.99. The game can also be purchased as part of the Hentai Story Games bundle for the promotional price of $4.34. It will later cost $5.94 at full price. The Sweet Story Bunny Club - 18+ Adult Only Content DLC can be found here.

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