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A miserable man possesses another student’s body in GUT.GAMES’ Neuronaut, a paranormal, slice of life visual novel, now available on Steam.

The protagonist of Neuronaut is a miserable office worker, whose life was on a constant downturn. One day, while resting on a bench, he’s approached by a strange old man, who offers to sell him a book. He agrees, and from the man, obtains a guide on astral projection. Despite his skepticism, he decides to give it a go. Soon after, he manages to leave his body, and enter that of another man: a young student.

From there, the visual novel becomes a slice of life story, where the protagonist attempts to live the student’s life for them and make the right decisions. The visual novel features two hours of reading time, four characters to romance, and seven endings.

At first glance, this may appear to be a familiar story of young people with tumultuous personal lives, who, while on vacation in a resort town, meet new people, get jealous, quarrel, reconcile, make love and cause problems for themselves and others.

However, the catch is that the protagonist of this story is an office clerk who has the ability to leave his body for the astral plane and put his consciousness into other people. Now he is stuck in the body of a student, which our hero isn't happy about. Thrust into this situation, we will have to help a flighty young man make some important decisions that can completely change his future and the future of those around him. Everyone will have to learn a thing or two, make changes in their life and it will be up to you to set every character's fate right, help them overcome their struggles and reach the happy ending.

Here's what awaits you:

* Juice, colorful art and a CG gallery

* Atmospheric soundtrack and a music room where you can listen to your favorite tracks

* Several choices that will affect the course of the story

* 4 Female characters to romance

* 7 Different endings

You can purchase Neuronaut on Steam for the promotional price of $5.39, until the 17th of April, at which point the visual novel will cost $8.99.

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