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Heroes embark to slay the Demon Lord in U-ROOM’s Dark Hero Party, an NTR-themed RPG now available on Steam and Denpasoft.

Dark Hero Party takes place in a fantasy world terrorized by a Demon Lord and his monstrous army. To help people combat this evil, dragon deities grant chosen humans supernatural powers. The protagonist of the game, a man named Imos, is a friend with one of such a gifted individual, a girl named Lotia. One day, when all of the dragons’ chosen are ordered to march against the Demon Lord, Imos and his friends embark with Lotia to help her on her journey.

The game is an NTR-centric fantasy RPG. The player will explore the vast world on their quest to defeat the demon lord, fighting monsters along the way. Dark Hero Party makes use of turn-based combat with the addition of a combo system, allowing party members to deal higher damage if they coordinate their efforts against a single target.

The game’s protagonist, Imos, is not quite as powerful as his opponents and other party members. During the adventure, his many female friends will take part in sexual intercourses with people other than him, driving Imos to jealousy.

The world is threatened by monsters sent by the Demon Lord. To counter him, Dragons which are deities who reside in another dimension, bestow powers upon champions known as “Dracovalis”.

In a small, unremarkable village, Imos lives with his sister Tori, helping her run a potion shop. Along with his sister, he spends his days with his childhood friend (and a Dracovalis) Lotia, a gentle nun Krimina, and a tomboy princess Aina.

However, this all changes when an order is made for all Dracovalis, including Lotia, to hunt down the Demon Lord.


• Classic RPG experience

• A dramatic story

• Turn-based combat

• Combo attack for quicker battles

• A hard mode for added difficulty

You can purchase Dark Hero Party on Steam or Denpasoft for the promotional price of $13.49 until the 16th of April, at which point the game will cost $14.99.

Adult content for the Steam version of Dark Hero Party has to be installed separately, as a patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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