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Students battle gruesome monsters in MOONSTONE’s Sakuranomori Dreamers, a mystery horror visual novel, now available on MangaGamer.

Sakuranomori Dreamers is an urban fantasy horror visual novel, taking place in the titular Japanese town of Sakuranomori. A young man living there, Fukigami Shinji, has the ability to perceive ghosts, as well as monstrous entities in human skin, called bodachs. One day, the ghost of a female classmate approaches Shinji, and shows him that a bodach was responsible for her death. This is only the beginning, as murders start occurring regularly in Shinji’s town.

Eventually, Shinji discovers that he can fight the bodach in the dream world, which he can enter with the help of his friend Shizumiya Mahoro. With support from his childhood friend Akitsu, his step-sister Hatsune, an old partner Erisaka, and a newly met bodach huntress, Kureha, Shinji embarks to face the horrors that plague his town.

Below, you can watch the game’s opening sequence and read about its cast. You will also find a gallery at the bottom, with CG’s taken from the Japanese version of Sakuranomori Dreamers, which contains mosaics. The English release available on MangaGamer is fully uncensored.

Akitsu Madoka

Shinji’s childhood friend.

Though she possesses no special powers, she’s always by Shinji’s side. Her hobby is cycling, which she usually does with Shinji. They’ve been together since early childhood and so the two thought it was only natural for their relationship to advance to the next stage sooner or later.

Kiritou Kureha

A girl that possesses special powers to hunt the aberrations known as bodachs.

Feeling that protecting Sakuranomori is her mission, she fights monsters day and night all by herself, but forms a team with Shinji once the two meet. Being constantly busy with her ”work” she’s worried about the fact she never had the time to form relationships with the opposite sex--she has a penchant for wearing traditional clothes.

Shizumiya Mahoro

Kureha’s friend and upperclassmen in school.

Though she possesses no special fighting powers, she’s able to connect dreams and reality, allowing Kureha and others to dive into their battlefield. Usually quiet and gentle, she used to bed-ridden for much of her youth, but has since recovered.

Erisaka Mifuyu

A girl that possesses similar powers to Kureha.

At one point they worked as a team and were thought to be best friends, but ended up parting ways over a disagreement. She belongs to the arts club, and usually wears a lab coat. Though she likes any kind of painting, scenery is her favorite.

Fukigami Hatsune

Shinji’s cousin by blood, but a stepsister as far as their official family relationship goes.

A good-natured girl that tends to put the needs of others above her own, though then that might only be true in case of Shinji. Having no special powers, she’s unable to help Shinji in battle, and though she understands his resolve, constantly begs him to stay out of danger.

Fukigami Shinji

A young man that can see bodachs and ghosts.

He’s certain that he’s been given his unusual powers for a reason, and so he puts his heart and soul into investigating the strange happenings in his city.

You can purchase Sakuranomori Dreamers on MangaGamer for $44.95. A Chinese version of the visual novel is available on Steam for $17.99.

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