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Projekt Wolfenstahl’s top-down, roguelike shooter, Deathblight Guilty Raid, has received a publicly available demo.

The Projekt Wolfenstahl team has released a public demo for their latest entry in the Deathblight franchise. Deathblight Guilty Raid is a top-down shooter where you control a kemonomimi demon huntress, fighting through mazes filled with monsters.

The game is planned to feature four characters, one of which is available in the current version. The game provides you with a randomized collection of preset levels, with your goal being to reach and defeat the boss. Doing so won’t be easy, as each level is filled with hordes of enemies, hidden in the shadows of labyrinthine locations, featuring offices, storehouses, and labs.

Safiya, the protagonist available in the current demo, has access to thrown magical cards and a push-back spell, allowing her to free herself when grabbed by demons. During gameplay, she can find new skills and weapons, like spread and charge shots. These can be then upgraded with points gained from killing enemies.

Deathblight Guilty Raid features a status screen displaying the protagonist on the left of the game field. As the player loses health, their character’s clothing will slowly tear. Whenever they’re grabbed by enemies, the screen will show the character being raped, as their health is sapped away. Losing the game completely will trigger a game over rape cutscene, showcasing the heroine’s fall at the hand of her rapist.

You can download the first public release of Deathblight Guilty Raid from The Projekt Wolfenstahl’s blog. The game is a part of the larger cross-media Deathblight franchise, featuring a webcomic, and an RPG game. You can find out more about it from the developer’s Patreon. In the past, we've interviewed the character artist of the game, Crescentia Fortuna. You can read the interview here.

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