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The son of a heroine trains to succeed her in Leelak’s Milfairy Tales, an incestuous fantasy comedy RPG currently in development.

LeelaK has been developing Milfairy Tales for some time. It was a hobby project of theirs in the past, which they’ve been motivated to take even further. The game is a turn-based RPG that takes place in a fantasy world overseen by the goddess Milfa. The goddess gifted the inhabitants of her world with the ability to turn any emotion into power. This allows mages to channel their love and passion into spells, and allowed the dragon clan channel their sexual tension in battle; however, it also gave birth to the nether, an evil power generated by perversion.

Years ago, a group of adventurers led by the heroine Mariah defeated the Netherlord, an evil creature fueled by perversion. Since then, the world has been at peace, and the people in it now rely solely on powers motivated by love. You play as Mark, the son of Mariah, who is currently learning from his mother how to master the dragon clan’s combat techniques. As Mark's powers are fueled by sexual tension, his adventure quickly becomes erotic.

The first chapter of Milfairy Tales has already been developed. It features standard turn-based combat and allows Mark to explore his hometown and its surroundings. During his adventure, Mark can grow not just by leveling in combat, but also through choices and actions taken during story events. For example, if Mark peeps on his mom, his courage will increase, and if he complements her, their relationship will improve.

Follow our hero-in-training (Default: Mark), in his quest to master his family sword-style. He is the son of the legendary heroine, who once saved the world from chaos. His mother's fighting style draws powers from one's inner sex drive, but she thinks she can't fully teach him all the principles. So he will have to learn even more from his foxy masters, on how to turn his sexual tension into power! Yet, little does he know that his journey will be the beginning of something much greater and that the land might be in need of another legendary hero soon enough. Join him and his colorful party of sexy Milfs on a magical journey through Milfairy! A fantastic land of many mysteries, protected by the Goddess of absolute love!

Expect a mixture of a traditional JRPG, with combat, dungeon exploration, dating and sex games with the girls from Milfairy! Embark in a story that will join two unlikely star-crossed lovers in a quest to save their world once more and for all!

The first public release of Milfairy Tales is available on LeelaK’s Subscribestar, where you can also support the project if you chose to do so. The various donation tiers will let you access the game’s updates sooner, allow you to participate in exclusive voting polls, and grant access to additional content and artwork.

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