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FAKKU Unlimited Subscription Manga Free for Two Weeks

For a limited time, hentai manga publisher FAKKU has made access to their FAKKU Unlimited collection of manga free for all users of the website.

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps over the globe, people have been doing the best they can to help one another with the mental struggle of forced social isolation. The adult industry has taken a large portion of this burden unto itself. Starting this week, hentai publisher FAKKU has joined the effort by providing free access to their large collection of manga, which is usually accessible solely through the FAKKU Unlimited subscription service.

The news was first broken on Twitter yesterday, when FAKKU announced the promotion. The limited-time free access includes over 150,000 pages of uncensored hentai available in the English language. The promotion will last for two weeks, ending on the 13th of April.

As the world continues to practice social distancing to fight the spread of COVID-19, we must come together and stay inside 🙏

Starting RIGHT NOW, all subscription hentai is free for the next two weeks on FAKKU.



The promotion features all FAKKU Unlimited entries within the Comics category, including hentai chapters, magazines, and all-ages content. You can access it here. While reading the chapters, you may be asked to purchase the subscription; however, this is optional, and the prompt can be closed until you make up your mind. The full benefits of the FAKKU Unlimited subscription include access to subbed and dubbed hentai in 1080p, as well as 10% off figurines and games available in the FAKKU store.

This news follows the recent promotion from JAST USA, who acted in a similar fashion, providing free copies of the first two games of Lighting Warrior Raidy to help people manage their forced stay at home.

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