Fapping is more than just a game

Young people seek love in Andrealphus Games’ Love & Sex: Second Base, a free-roaming dating sim now available in Steam Early Access.

Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim featuring two playable protagonists: a programmer named Mike and a college freshman Bree. While each of them follows a slightly different storyline, the important point in their life is that through a sudden twist of events, they’re now living with two new roommates, one of whom being the character you didn’t choose. Both Mike and Bree are also looking for a new partner, while your goal as the player is to find one and establish a relationship with them.

The game follows a typical dating sim management formula. The player character has a couple of stats they need to take care of regularly: energy, hunger, grooming, and fun. They also have factors that limit what they can do: knowledge, fitness, charm, and available money. You're free free to increase these by spending time and funds in various locations present in the game’s open world.

Your ultimate goal in Love & Sex: Second Base is to interact with one of the NPCs long and well enough for them to fall in love with you. Your only real enemy is time, as you have to accomplish this goal in 120 days, divided into four seasons. You’re free to date more than one person at once, however, as the NPCs can interact with one another, there’s a risk of being caught cheating.

You can purchase Love & Sex: Second Base in Steam Early Access for the promotional price of $14.99 until the 3rd of April, at which point the game will cost $19.99. Love & Sex: Second Base is also available for purchase on Itch.io for $19.99, where a demo version of the game can be found as well. Finally, you can also gain access to the latest version of the game by pledging $1 or more on Andrephus’ Patreon.

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