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To help lighten your mood during recent times, JAST USA invites you to an adventure with their limited time sale on the Lightning Warrior Raidy trilogy.

With times as bleak as they are, JAST USA has stepped up their game and decided to hold a sale on the Lightning Warrior Raidy trilogy. Lightning Warrior Raidy and Lightning Warrior Raidy II: Temple of Desire will be completely free; you won’t have to pay a thing for them. If the first two games aren’t enough for you and you’re willing to spend some money, Lightning Warrior Raidy III is also on sale, for 40% off.

The first Lightning Warrior Raidy is a first-person, dungeon crawling RPG developed by ZyX, where you play as the titular character, Raidy. Her mission is to liberate the village of Saad by eliminating all the monsters that dwell in the Cubust Tower.


Hey, I'm Raidy, a wandering sword that travels this continent of Else far and wide for adventure. People have taken to calling me the 'Lightning Warrior' since I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will. I've begun to like the name, actually.

Why am I standing here in front of this tower, you ask? That village, just over there, it used to be a vibrant place called Saad. I found it deserted and in total decay. Apparently, the bastards that did it live in this tower. A gang of vile monsters that think it's ok to steal young women from their home, then kill any man that tries to save them. Lucky for me... I'm no man.

Lightning Warrior Raidy II: Temple of Desire features Raidy’s world in a new way. There’s a new map interface, more locations to explore, and new weapons and equipment to collect. Additional features include dual wielding weapons and improved battle mechanics. There are plenty of monster girls to fight and a “sex if you win, sex if you lose” game system in place.


I am Raidy, an adventurer who wanders the continent of Else as a sword-fighter. I'm traveling far and wide not for gold or glory, but to improve my fighting skills and search for clues about my past, and my mysterious power over lightning. Oh yeah, I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the 'Lightning Warrior'.

After defeating the monsters in the Kyubast tower in my last adventure, I left the village of Sadd behind and continued on my journey. My travels have taken me across the desert to the oasis town of Lake Blue. Looking forward to a break after the long and dusty journey, I settled in for the night at the local inn, only to have its peace shattered by the cries of the young and beautiful innkeeper. Can't I get any rest?

So I rescued the damsel in distress from her mysterious assailant, learned of an evil in the world, called Jammy, and now I'm off to defeat her. It seems my vacation won't be so uneventful after all!

Lightning Warrior Raidy III introduces new characters and a new game mechanic. You’ll meet Fonfon the wolf girl, Tiss the demon girl, and the Dark Elf Folles. Raidy’s newest ability, Fusion, allows her companions to combine their powers into Raidy. The feature adds a fun twist to the battles and some humorous dialogue. As always, the game retains the series' signature, “sex if you win, sex if you lose” feature.


After her adventures in the previous game, Raidy continues her adventures, with the three monsters Fonfon, Tiss and Folles following behind her, upset at having lost their home in the dungeon. They head to the crime-ridden town of Vice, where Raidy hopes to get help from the local Thieves' Guild. When the four are unable to pay for their meal at an inn, they get in big trouble. The only way to pay off the debt and get their weapons back is to enter a dungeon and remove an evil alchemist who's been kidnapping the humans in the town to perform experiments on them...

You can get Lightning Warrior Raidy and Lightning Warrior Raidy II: Temple of Desire for free and buy Lightning Warrior Raidy III on sale for $20.99 on JAST USA. The sale ends on March 31st.

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