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Eroge Developer SofthouseChara Closes Their Doors

At the end of March, eroge developer SofthouseChara will close their doors, transferring their intellectual property to DMM Games.

SofthouseChara has issued a statement on its website declaring the dissolution of the company at the end of March. Subsequently, their library will be transferred to DMM Games, who will distribute their games from now on. In their official statement, SofthouseChara declared that the dissolution is taking place due to business reasons. No further details have been published since then.

The eroge developer SofthouseChara debuted back in the year 2000, with a romance simulated life game for PC, titled Aoiya Masshigura. The game has the player manage a traditional Japanese inn inherited by the protagonist from their parents. Their latest title was Suzukuri Karin-chan, released just last year. In it, the player takes the role of an adventurer who loses in a fight against a demon lord and becomes her servant. She then tasks them with managing her dungeon.

SofthouseChara has been present on the eroge market for two decades and produced over 29 games. Their focus was predominantly on the simulated life genre, with their games often containing elements of management or strategy gameplay. None of their games have ever been officially released in English; however, some of their titles have been translated by fans, most notably the Bunny Black trilogy.

The company now in charge of SofthouseChara's intellectual IP, DMM Games, is a subsidiary of the Japanese electronic commerce giant, Digital Media Mart. So far, they have issued no statements regarding the events. Whether the publisher will focus on simply redistributing SofthouseChara's titles, or uses their newfound property to create new products, remains to be seen.

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