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A group of four developers is looking to fund their 3D RPG about monster girls, titled Monster Layer, on Kickstarter.

Monster Layer has been envisioned by a small team of developers as an action RPG, where the player can hunt monsters, and have sex with them to amass their powers for themselves. To bring their dream to life, the team needed funding and created a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to acquire it. Four days later, Monster Layer has already exceeded its base goal of $20,000. The campaign is still ongoing, as additional funds will help increase the scope of the game.

The world of Monster Layer has been swept by a curse that turns people into animal hybrids. You begin the game as a young man from a secluded village, presumed safe from the monsters, until one day, where your friend is kidnapped by them. Soon after this event, a stranger offers you the power to hunt the monsters and kill them or absorb their curse by having sex with them. Doing the latter will free the cursed humans, but it will also cause your own body to mutate.

The game will provide the player with a sword, a bow, and a slew of abilities to be used against the monsters. Most skills will be acquired directly from the boss monsters through sex. For example, by having sex with a winged creature the player could grow wings of their own, or by making love to an aquatic mutant, they could develop gills, granting them access to previously inaccessible areas, permanently altering their appearance in the process.

The base version of Monster Layer is planned to contain four monsters to face, each located in their own biome. Sex scenes in the game will take an interactive form: rather than selecting poses from a list, the player will be able to grab and thrust what they want, directly on their partner’s body. The game will feature both female and male monsters available for seduction, but the player’s gender will be limited to males.

If the game’s funding reaches its stretch goals, more monsters will be added, each with their unique biome, alongside new and deeper interactions, difficulty levels, and extra animations. The team’s ultimate goal would be to feature ten sexually available monsters, each with their own mutations to gain, alongside more standard NPCs and basic enemies inhabiting the various biomes.

Monster Layer is being made by a team of four developers: Medi, the character designer, Zep, the monster designer, their manager Robot, and Stich, the story writer. You can support their project over on Kickstarter. Pledging even one dollar will put your name in the credits, pledging $10 will guarantee you a copy of the game on its release, and a donation of $50 will allow you to participate in the early access, with access to the digital artbook. Further tiers grant more keys and extra goodies, such as a desk model of a chosen monster, and each tier also has a discord role associated with it.

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