Keeping things informal as well as infernal

Shoot down spaceships and tear off beefy men's clothes in arcade shooter Beefy Blasters.

Beefy Blasters is a casual arcade shooter, made as a collaboration between Funkanari and hotcha. In the game, you shoot off the clothes of ripped demon guys while being attacked by enemy ships. Hotcha is asking for $10,000 to fund Beefy Blasters on Kickstarter. Depending on the pledge, rewards will include a copy of the game, art bonuses, Discord perks, body pillow artwork, digital art book, and custom art that will be added to the art book.

Each level will feature a musclebound man for you to strip down. Every part of their body that you shoot at will jiggle and any clothes they may have on will change in color until they burst to shreds and fall off. Dodge or destroy approaching enemy ships to get them out of the way and rake up points. There are two bars at the bottom, your health bar and your progress bar. The progress bar depicts how much clothing you have removed in the level and the health bar shows how much damage you received from enemy fire.

In later levels, there will be more BL scenes with the beefy studs going at it in a more intimate way. As you progress, the scenes will get more intense as well and put the characters in multiple pairings.

Every level features its own hunk. Unfortunately, he’s wearing waaaaaaay too many clothes. It’s your job is to blast away all that nasty fabric to reveal that chiseled bod underneath. Clear levels by freeing your smoldering hunk from his underwear prison, all while avoiding your own destruction by enemy ships!

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock more intimate hunk on hunk action. Later levels feature more intense scenes, all with different combinations of your favourite demon studs.

As of writing, the Kickstarter campaign is sitting at $2,761 of the $10,000 goal and ends on March 31st. If you're interested in funding the game, you can check it out, and download the demo for Beefy Blasters, on hotcha’s Kickstarter page. The demo includes two levels, featuring Drake and Sethan Littlehorn.

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