If you build it, they will cum

Pay back the debt you owe the Grim Reaper by training and managing monster girls in Monster Girl Club Bifrost.

Developed by Midnight Pleasure and published by Remtairy, Monster Girl Club Bifrost is a monster girl club management club. You play as a master monster trainer who finds himself hungover, in his underwear, and drowning in a massive debt to the Grim Reaper. Obviously, you don’t have the money to pay what's owed, and if you don’t, she’ll take your life. This leaves you with only one option: getting work as a trainer in the Grim Reaper’s monster girl club to pay it all back.

There are two different phases in the game, the management phase and night phase. During the management phase, you prepare for the night phase before the club opens. Check on your incoming clientele and see what type of monster girls they are interested in. Monster girls can be purchased at the slave market, and you'll have to train them so that they’re ready to work at night. Additionally, you will need to tend to your monster girls’ needs and do tasks for them such as room sweeping, nail filing, head patting, and more.

The night phase is when you open your club and serve your clientele. Match them with the monster girl that fits their needs best and, if they have a good time, they might ask for an extension to spend even more time with her.



Over twenty different types of monster girls including types like Harpy, Werewolf, Lamia, Mermaid, Minotaur, Cyclops, Slime and Mummy!

Over twenty different endings! Can you escape your life of debt while finding true love?

Ingame achievements!

New game plus bonuses! Start your next game with powerful advantages even if you failed to pay back your debt in time!


Roughly 5-8 hours for first playthrough. 15+ hours to see the content for all girls.

You can buy Monster Girl Club Bifrost on sale for $13.99 on Steam. After March 30th, the sale will end and the price will increase to $19.99. There is a free 18+ decensoring patch on Remtairy’s site, which allows you to add back what's missing.

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