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A princess embarks to unite city-states against a common foe in AVANTGARDE’s Princesses Never Lose!, an RPG now available on Steam, MangaGamer, and Denpasoft.

Princesses Never Lose! is a fantasy role-playing game following the struggles of princess Erica Teresa Tolinia. Her kingdom is located within a peninsula populated by other city-states, most of which used to worship the Church of Vergine. One day, a technologically advanced kingdom to the west began conquering the peninsula, threatening the sovereignty of all kingdoms therein. Erica quickly realized that to protect her people from vassalage, she will have to unite the nearby city-states to combat the western threat.

The game is a standard RPG, featuring exploration, turn-based combat, and crafting. While you will mainly control Erica, Princesses Never Lose! features additional playable characters, who will join you during the adventure. Each character has her own unique scenes and interactions, including sexual encounters, a large amount of which is non-consensual.

On the western part of the Stivale Peninsula lies the small kingdom of Tolinia. Their princess, Erica, senses the danger to her kingdom, as the peninsula's city-states fall under the influence of a powerful, modernized country.

Seeing this as the potential end of the peninsula's independence, Erica decides to fight for Stivale's dignity.

Her battle to unify the Stivale Peninsula begins!


• A classic RPG experience

• Explore a fantasy world

• Voiced characters

• New Game+ system

• Class change system

• Synthesis system

• Unique character abilities

• Sidequests

• Difficulty system

You can purchase Princesses Never Lose! on Steam and Denpasoft for the promotional price of $16.99, until the 26th of March, at which point the game will cost $19.99. The game is also available on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $16.95, and will later cost $19.95 at full price.

The Steam version of the game is designed for players of all ages. To add adult content to this version, you will need to install a patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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