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Herculion's boys' love visual novel about enjoying muscular bodies at an all-male massage parlor, Full Service, is now open for business on Steam and

After a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2017, Herculion's BL visual novel, Full Service has released on Steam and Developed by the team of Mazjojo Productions, Full Service follows Tomoki Nakamoto, a reliable workaholic in need of some relaxation. Cynical and unsociable, Tomoki isn’t much of a people person, despite being trusted by his coworkers.

When his best friend suggests he take a break at a spa, Tomoki receives an invitation to Full Service Spa. After his first visit, he got more service than he expected. If he comes back, then perhaps Tomoki can get some “extra service” and a relationship with his masseurs.

Full Service features relationship-building mini-games and over two hundred CG illustrations. There are four bachelors to choose from, with more to be discovered, and different endings for each bachelor that depend on your interactions with him. You can deepen your relationships and learn more about characters by completing mini-games. Explore the City of Morningwood as you gain the affection of your chosen man.

FULL SERVICE GAME is a Boys' Love visual novel which lets you explore the city of Morningwood, while vying for the affections of one of the available bachelors. Experience the story and complete mini-games to foster friendships and relationships, and learn more about this eccentric cast of characters. The game has the following content for users to enjoy:

- Over 200 unique CG illustrations, with over 1000 total variations!

- Four main characters to pursue romantically, with more waiting to be discovered!

- Different endings for each bachelor depending on interactions

- An unlockable gallery that will show you artwork you've seen in the story

- Bonus artwork on some other minor characters you may encounter

- Discover the mysteries and relationships in the city, and get to know some of the denizens of Morningwood

You can buy Full Service on for $39.99 and on Steam for the discounted price of $35.19. The sale on Steam ends on March 23rd. You can find more information about the game on Full Service’s website.

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