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An innocent succubus is on a mission to seduce her first man and steal his sexual energy in Qureate's new romantic eroge, TroubleDays.

In TroubleDays, succubi use men’s sexual energy, or “technoforce,” as their nourishment. It's important for every succubus to possess a suitable target and know how to steal his technoforce. If a succubus is incapable of this, she can never return to the demon world.

Lovelia is a young succubus said to be one of the greatest beauties in 1,000 years. She is on her first mission to harvest technoforce from the main character. Lovelia could attract men with her looks alone, but her naivete with men gets in the way of her efforts. Whenever she tries to make a move on you, her own innocence impedes her. Even the slightest of comments can send Lovelia into her own naughty fantasy world. If she can’t harvest technoforce from you, she can never return home; since she can’t possess another man, Lovelia is stuck with you.


Cohabitation with a naive succubus?! In this love-adventure game set in Akihabara,

you can enjoy the sweetly thrilling and slightly naughty day-to-day life with an innocent succubus!

The "E-mote" engine that can move illustrations smoothly

and three-dimensionally is used for standing pictures in the game.

The characters displayed on the screen move as if they were alive.


- Smooth character animation via the E-mote system

- Different routes and ED

- High quality event CG

- Story set in an actual Japanese town

You can buy TroubleDays on DLsite for $11.56. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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