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Humble Bundle and Winged Cloud have teamed up to create the Humble Sakura Collection Bundle, containing twenty visual novels from the Sakura series.

The Sakura visual novels franchise began in 2014 with the release of Sakura Spirit, a time-traveling martial arts comedy, that would cement Winged Cloud’s future on the visual novel market. The developer has now partnered with the popular online retailer Humble, to release Humble Sakura Collection Bundle, featuring twenty titles from the franchise.

The Humble Sakura Collection Bundle is divided into three tiers, each offering a number of titles from the Sakura franchise. The first tier, priced at $1 or your regional equivalent, offers six titles, worth a total of $59.94:

Sakura Spirit $9.99

Sakura Angels $9.99

Sakura Fantasy $9.99

Sakura Beach $9.99

Sakura Beach 2 $9.99

Sakura MMO $9.99 (adult content patch)

The second tier following it, priced at $6.59, adds eight more novels to the collection, valued collectively at $79.92:

Sakura Gamer $9.99 (adult content patch)

Sakura Space $9.99

Sakura Sadist $9.99

Sakura Cupid $9.99 (adult content patch)

Sakura Magical Girls $9.99 (adult content patch)

Sakura Shrine Girls $9.99

Sakura Agent $9.99 (adult content patch)

Sakura MMO 2 $9.99 (adult content patch)

The final tier, priced at $9, adds six more games, with the total retail value of $74.94:

Sakura Dungeon $19.99

Sakura Nova $14.99 (adult content patch)

Sakura Swim Club $9.99

Sakura Gamer 2 $9.99

Sakura Fox Adventure $9.99

Sakura MMO 3 $9.99

If you’d like to purchase the Humble Sakura Collection Bundle, you can find its store page here. The bundle will be available for purchase until Tuesday, March 24th.

It bears noting that only the visual novels with adult content patches contain sexually explicit content; remaining visual novels in the Humble Sakura Collection Bundle are romantic ecchi stories.

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