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Play as an unskilled magician travelling the world and curing people of the arcane fever in Arcana: Heat and Cold.

Arcana: Heat and Cold is a puzzle adventure eroge, where you play as a "spell breaker" on a journey to cure people from a dangerous and mysterious illness called the “arcane fever.” You’re not too skilled in magic, but you have your own special way of curing people. Using runes of heat and cold, you'll react to special dialogue to progress the story. The heat rune is used if you want to be aggressive or energetic with the target. While the cold rune is for when you want to react in a relaxed or calm manner. Just drag the selected rune to your chosen dialogue box — and make sure to use the right one when needed.

On your adventure, you will meet girls with varying personalities, problems, and fetishes that have fallen under the arcane fever. Learn more about what could have caused their illness and what problems in their lives could have triggered it. Speak to characters for info and search the area for clues to find out the full story.

The H-scenes are set up in a comic book format that flows from left to right. At times, you will need to unlock panels with the proper rune to continue the scene.

In the first episode available in the public release, you are called upon by a couple to cure their timid daughter. Her temperature keeps rising and in her heated stupor, she keeps muttering something about a promise. There seems to be more to this family than what they’re showing you.

You'll find yourself in different situations - dangerous and not so much. You'll explore the world full of mysterious creatures and immerse yourself into the maelstrom of incredible adventures, political intrigue and mysteries of the magic world.

Can a neglectful magician, a mere pawn on the chessboard of the world, become something bigger? A king? Or he may even step beyond the chessboard. All this you have yet to discover.


-Dialogues: the text and the story are very important parts of the game. You’ll have to properly asses the situation and choose the right solution.

-Items: interacting, searching, and finding the right use of them.

-Scenes: NSFW content is designed in the form of comics or, more specifically, manga with interactive elements.

You can play chapter one of Arcana: Heat and Cold on Chapter two is currently for patrons only, so of you are interested in aiding the development of the game, or playing the second chapter, check out HarDDear’s Patreon page.

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