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Igrasil Studio’s murder mystery Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death has received its first erotic expansion, Bloody Chronicles Act1 - IF MODE "Kaoru," out now on Steam.

Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death is a murder mystery visual novel centered on an orphan detective, who works for an organization solving crimes deemed unsolvable by the police. It released on Steam the previous year, and garnered very positive reviews. Expanding the visual novel, Igrasil Development Team has now released the game's first DLC, Bloody Chronicles Act1 - IF MODE "Kaoru."

Bloody Chronicles Act1 - IF MODE "Kaoru" is an alternative take on the events of the main story, during which Kazuki develops a romantic relationship with his wealthy and well-educated co-worker, Kaoru Moriyama. The crux of the story is their relationship after the main events, and its escalation beyond friendship. The DLC features six hours of content, but due to its nature as an IF story, it won't reflect on the sequels.

Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death is a crowdfunded project, which gathered one and a half times more than initially requested. The base game features a thirty-hour long mystery adventure following Kazuki’s career at the Igrasil agency. While investigating seemingly unrelated cases, he discovers numerous clues as to who murdered his parents. The original story doesn’t contain any erotic material; however, a beach trip mini episode was funded as a stretch goal, and four “IF MODE” DLCs have been announced. Following the release of Kaoru's DLC, Aki, Suzumi, and Akito will receive their respective expansions featuring adult content in the future.

You can purchase the adult only Bloody Chronicles Act1 - IF MODE "Kaoru" R18 DLC on Steam for $3.99. If you're looking for something more tame, an all-ages version is also available for $2.99. Since it's DLC, you will need the base game Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death, which is available on Steam for $24.99 if you don't already have it.

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