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Serurebu’s side-scrolling action game stars two lolis exploring the Crimson Dungeon in Core Awaken ~Jilelen and the Crimson Dungeon~.

In Core Awaken ~Jilelen and the Crimson Dungeon~, robot love is forbidden. Since robots resemble humans too much, there are concerns that marriages with them will lead to a decrease in birth rate and, ultimately, the extinction of humans. The biologist Lim, robo-scientist JinLin, and JinLin’s assistant LittleSnow are working together to find a way for robots and humans to coexist, and they believe their answer is within the ancient Crimson Dungeon.

Jilelen, the robot girl who uses magic from a distance, and LittleSnow, the assistant packing useful items and dragging around a large hammer, are sent into the dungeon to find any useful data to report back. There are tentacle monsters, corrupted humans, and other creatures inside the Crimson Dungeon, but it’s nothing they can’t handle.

Core Awaken ~Jilelen and the Crimson Dungeon~ has four difficulty levels: standard, hard, very hard, and no future. Run, jump, and break your way through the 3D side-scrolling dungeon. Jilelen and LittleSnow have their own uses throughout the game, so you can switch between them whenever you want. Certain situations will require the right girl. While fighting, you can also call the girl on stand-by to jump in and provide some temporary backup.

While fighting enemies, your sullied bar will increase when attacked. Your health bar will have a blue and black color and, if you have enough of it, the enemy can pull you into a 3D H-scene. You can shake out of it, using the left and right arrow keys, but she still loses her health if you spend too much time being raped by monsters. The attacks vary on the enemy, but what you can get are tentacles, forced masturbation, egg-laying, and more. If Jilelen and Little Snow lose all health and are unable to battle, you’ll receive a game over and an H-scene with a 2D CG.

There are many collectibles and relics to find in the game. Find documents to expand upon the lore of Core Awaken and the existence of robots and humans of the past and present. Gather and use the KAKIN Point System to unlock features and scenes in the game.

[Special attack system]

* Jilelen can learn new magic spells at a certain place.

Use various kinds of magic by mixing and matching 6

types of magic elements and magic traces.

* LittleSnow can learn special techniques to increase her

combat ability when certain conditions are fulfilled.

[Trance system]

Jilelen and LittleSnow can enter a trance that fuses robotics and animals.

In these trances, they turn into animal forms, and can overcome

obstacles impossible for humanoid bodies.

Of course, H events for this form are included as well!

[Village development system]

After finding the ruins of a village in the labyrinth,

Jilelen decides to turn it into her own secret base.

With the help of the villagers, the village can be rebuilt.

H events are included for the village NPCs as well!

You can purchase Core Awaken ~Jilelen and the Crimson Dungeon~ on DLsite for $18.40. There is also a demo available if you want to try the game out for yourself. As usual, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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