Putting the D in the double D.

A young girl seeks salvation in Terrarium’s Anthophobia, a side-scrolling survival horror game, now available on Steam.

Anthophobia is a side-scrolling action survival horror game taking place after a horrific disease swept through the Earth, turning humans into mutated, plant-like zombies obsessed with sexual stimulation. At the start of the game the seasons are changing, and a young girl decides that she needs to find a new shelter. Equipped with a pipe, a handgun, a couple of Molotov cocktails, and a handful of glowsticks, she exits her apartment into the ravaged remnants of a once great civilization.

The gameplay of Anthophobia is slow and methodical. You will control a young girl as she makes her way through infested streets and buildings, guided by radio messages openly broadcast by another survivor. Most of the time you will be trying to make your way to the end of the level, which is often barred behind locked doors and other obstacles, requiring you to navigate dangerous areas looking for solutions.

In the dimly lit interiors of apartment complexes and underground tunnels, your vision will be limited to the direction you point your flashlight, or decide to throw a precious glowstick. Mindless mutants roaming these halls will be easy to fool, but their sheer numbers will make stealth difficult. The girl moves at careful pace, and she can only run for short distances, limited by her stamina bar, which is also used for melee attacks. The handgun and Molotov cocktails serve as your most effective form of self-defense, but come with their own drawbacks, as ammo is severely limited and weapons can only be used while standing still.

When caught by the zombies, the girl will lose a layer of clothing. Once naked, she may be grabbed and raped, triggering a QTE sequence and slowly draining her health. Additional CGs appear throughout the story and upon losing. Anthophobia features up to eight hours of gameplay, 75 pixel animations, and 29 illustrations made by Fenrir, Sourjelly. Tsuyuta, Kome, and Jotti.

You can purchase Anthophobia on Steam for the promotional price of $10.49 until the 6th of March, at which point the game will cost $14.99. Before purchase, you might be interested in reading our review of Anthophobia.

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