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Push! and Mikandi Japan Return to Kickstarter with the Linda Project

Publishing companies PUSH! and MiKandi Japan have returned to Kickstarter, seeking funds to localize doujin works by LINDA.

Back in May 2019, PUSH! and MiKandi Japan united their efforts to localize the works of renowned mangaka LINDA, who’s been creating netorare doujinshi since 1998. Their initial attempt to crowdfund the project took place on Kickstarter, but, after just a couple of days, Kickstarter closed the campaign page, finding it in conflict with their rules during further evaluation. After that point, the publishers moved the campaign to Indiegogo, where it ultimately lost its momentum.

Having resolved their issues with Kickstarter, PUSH! and MiKadi Japan are once again attempting to gather the funding necessary to localize the vast library of LINDA’s works, containing over 260 pages of uncensored pornography, as well as to fund the production of a completely new doujinshi, titled White Secret.

LINDA first began his career as a mangaka for Shobunkan. He has a fondness for mature, well-endowed women enjoying their lives frivolously, often disrespecting the sanctity of marriage. LINDA describes his creative process saying: “I try to make an atmosphere that captures the girl along with my own hidden desires and fears. I like to express the complex ‘internal conflicts’ of characters when I draw them.”

Throughout his career, his works have appeared in Weekly Manga Goraku, Gorakuten, Penguin Club, Pizazz DX, Young Animal Arashi, and other magazines. One of his works, Tsuma ga Onsen de Circle Nakama no Nikubenki ni Natta no Desu ga…, has since received an anime adaptation in 2017.

The team is aiming for a total funding goal of $50,000. At the time of writing, they have gathered $37,238, with 12 days left in the campaign. The project is using the all or nothing format; if the funding goal isn’t met, the money will be returned to campaign’s participants. Below, you can read an official message from LINDA:

"Hello, everyone! I am the mangaka, LINDA. I am thrilled and honored to have been able to collaborate with PUSH! and Mikandi Japan on this project. I have, for about 20 years, mainly drawn adult manga in Japan for publications such as Kairakuten, Penguin Klub, Young Animal Arashi, and Weekly Manga Goraku. I have simultaneously been active in many doujin circles as well. Every year I have released several doujinshi at Comiket.

My works are based on my personal interests: "Netorare" or "NTR"-type works. NTR refers to the pain of the shock and yet simultaneous desire aroused in a married man when his wife engages in relations with another man. This fetish is appreciated by people all around the world, and it is a great joy for me to be able to share my enjoyment of it with others. Going forward, I hope to express the charms of NTR in many different forms.

This project is a compilation of the original doujin works I have made. It has been targeted for overseas readers, revised and improved, and, most importantly, translated into English. My newest work, "Secret", which is currently being drawn, will also be included! Most of these works are being translated into English for the first time. Please take this opportunity to enjoy my works! ^^ Let's spread some love for NTR!"

The LINDA Project crowdfunding campaign will be taking place on Kickstarter until the 16th of March. If you decide to support the project, you’ll be able to choose from among thirteen funding tiers, ranging from $2 to $800. The numerous tiers serve mainly as pre-orders, offering various bundles of LINDA’s works, which will be localized as part of the project, along with extra goodies like an exclusive artbook, postcards, dakimakuras, and tapestries.

Additionally, if the Kickstarter reaches its stretch goals, backers of the standard edition tier and higher will receive additional doujinshi: “The Manager’s Secret” at the $60,000 stretch goal, and “Destrudo” at $70,000.

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