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The Sexy Girls Bundle 3, containing four visual novels and a strategy game, is now available for $8 on IndieGala.

Through a spontaneous tweet, MangaGamer has unveiled The Sexy Girls Bundle 3, now available on IndieGala. The offer contains five of their titles at 91% off and will last for less than a day. It contains four visual novels: Ultimate☆Boob Wars!! ~Big Breasts vs Flat Chests~, Free Friends 2, Secret Sorrow of the Siblings, Sweet Young Bride, and the strategy game Dungeon of Corruption.

Ultimate☆Boob Wars!! ~Big Breasts vs Flat Chests~ is a comedic visual novel taking place in a fantasy world, on a breast-shaped island divided in half by a ridge called the cleavage. In the west lives the Kingdom of Piequartz populated by large-breasted women, and in the East is the Kingdom of Serpettane, whose citizens are universally flat. The two kingdoms became at odds a thousand years ago when their goddesses began fighting during a festival and then vanished.

In current times, an unexpected tectonic movement has closed the cleavage, grating one Kingdom access to the other’s land, reigniting the war began by their goddesses. Haruto, a boy who loves all breasts equally, has been chosen by one of the goddesses to embark on a quest to unite the two kingdoms.

The protagonist of Free Friends 2, Shiomi Kaito, is a teacher at Minatohashi Higashi Academy. In his childhood, Kaito’s parents separated, and his mother took his sister with her. Since then, Kaito has been longing to see her again and eventually turned to an online dating board as a coping mechanism for his depression. One day, he makes an arrangement with a girl named Shinozaki Sumire, only to later discover that she’s not only one of his students, but also the sister he lost contact with so long ago.

Secret Sorrow of the Siblings is a revenge story about twin brothers Ootori Rikuto and Kaito. Among the two of them, Rikuto is the smarter and more athletic one, which makes his brother Kaito jealous. One day, Kaito sees his younger sister Arisa fellating his brother, which enrages Kaito, who then takes photos with the intent of blackmail and begins to plan his revenge.

Sweet Young Bride is a nukige visual novel taking place in Japan, where the government decided to launch a sponsored marriage program to fight the declining birth rate. The protagonist Kouta is chosen as a candidate, and after meeting his bride Hazuki, marries her on the same day. Soon, Kouta discovers that despite her innocent looks and modest personality, Hazuki is a particularly lewd woman.

In Dungeon of Corruption, your job is to protect a dungeon from two intruding female apostles, sent by their goddesses to find four fragments of a sacred treasure. During gameplay, the apostles will explore the dungeon automatically. In order to stop them, you can place traps and monsters in their path. Slowly but surely, your defenses will break the holy armor protecting the apostles, which will allow your monsters to sexually torment the intruders.

You can purchase The Sexy Girls Bundle 3 on IndieGala for $8.99. Bought separately, the games cost a total of $112.75.

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