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Romance Visual Novel Yuuki's Party Night Is Now Available on Steam

A Halloween visual novel, Yuuki's Party Night has, been released by Dharker Studios on Steam.

Yuuki's Party Night is a short visual novel following the titular heroine, who previously appeared as a side character in Dharker Studios’ Negligee, on a fateful Halloween night. Every year, the company Yuuki works for holds a Halloween party, which she’s stuck with having to attend it as part of her job obligations, more so now that her anxious co-worker decided not to go herself.

You can choose Yuuki’s outfit for the night, as well as decide what will she do during the party. Yuuki can be dressed up as either a playboy bunny, a witch, or a volleyball player. Then, once she makes it to the party, she’ll be able to either sit around outside, party at the dance floor, or explore the festival. Regardless of your choices, she will meet the same person: a handsome young man named Robbie. Over the course of Yuuki's Party Night, the two of them will turn from strangers, to lovers.

In Yuuki’s Party Night, you can expect scenes of various vanilla sexual interactions, depending on which choices you make during the heavily branching story.

A short fun visual novel, following Yuuki as she goes on her first night out for a long time, to an outdoor costume party no less.

Will Yuuki meet a new friend or find someone special in her life?

Or simply have one hell of a night?!It is up to you as you make key decisions in this multi route visual novel.


- Visual Novel Style Gameplay

- Multiple Decision to Make

- Secret Lingerie Outfit to Unlock

- Beautiful & Sexy Illustrations

* All characters included in the game are at least 18 years of age.

You can purchase Yuuki's Party Night on Steam for the promotional price of $11.04 until the 28th of February, at which point the visual novel will cost $12.99.

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