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XXIV’s blacksmithing simulator BlackSmith, has been released in English, Chinese, and Spanish on DLsite.

The protagonist of BlackSmith is a man who's moved into a village’s old smithy, whose previous owner one day up and left, leaving everything behind him. Having access to tools left in the forge, the man began to practice smithing on his own, and eventually became the village’s new blacksmith. His life was peaceful, but lonely. Though, he eventually developed a friendship with his outspoken metal bucket, and began to frequent the local brothel.

BlackSmith is divided in two parts. Every morning the protagonist works at the smithy, which plays out as a rhythm minigame: you have to press at the moment when hammer strikes the anvil, and the better your timing, the more experience you gain. The more experience the protagonist has, the more money he will earn at the end of the week. The money can be then spent at the brothel to visit the protagonist’s favorite girl working there. Interacting with her will make her more comfortable with you, and having sex with her will rise his sexual experience, allowing for longer encounters in the future. At the moment, BlackSmith has no end goal; allowing you to collect experience indefinitely, and unlocking all interactions with the girl doesn't lead to a conclusion.

- Work every day and if you save enough money, you can go and meet your girl.

- BlackSmith lowers his hammer. Click at the exact moment that the hammer lands.

The better your timing is, the more experience points you'll get.

- The higher your experience points, the more expensive you can sell your products.

- The higher your experience points and Gold, the more courses you can choose.

- Income is the sum of the sales of your goods.

- Expenses include daily food expenses, cost of materials, and rent.

- Supports English, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

- No extra charge. You can experience every scene in the game with this package.

- Be sure to check the operation with the trial version.

- In addition, we plan to make updates such as adjustments and additions after release,

We recommend that you register as a DLsite member.

You can purchase BlackSmith on DLsite for the promotional price of $13.31 (estimated from ¥1,485) until the 2nd of March, at which point the game will cost $17.75 (estimated from ¥1,980).

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