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Romantic Intrigue The End of an Actress Now Available on Steam and Denpasoft

A revolutionary rises against his queen in ebi-hime’s visual novel about court politics, The End of an Actress, now available on Steam and Denpasoft.

The End of an Actress is a visual novel set in the fictional kingdom of Artoire, modeled after late 18th century France. While once powerful, the kingdom is now heading towards ruin. The people hoped for change when the new queen took the throne, but like her predecessor, she shows no interest in her people’s plights. As such, Marius, a man who used to adore her, decides to lead a rebellion against her.

The visual novel was developed and published by ebi-hime, who cites the life of Marie Antoinette as their main inspiration for the project. The End of an Actress features approximately four hours of reading material, five endings, and one consensual sex scene. You can find out more about it from the official description below:

Based on the life (and death) of Marie Antoinette, The End of an Actress is a tragic romance story set in a fantasy universe with close parallels to late 18th century France.

The kingdom of Artoire was once a force to be reckoned with. Governed by a string of beloved kings, the nation was wealthy, its people prosperous. That was in the past, however. Now, Artoire’s fortunes are dwindling as constant wars and food shortages sweep the land. After innumerable hard years, the people of Artoire begin to despair. Fearing for the worst, they search for a messiah who can save them during their time of peril…

And that messiah comes in the form of a fourteen-year-old girl called Liliane.

Liliane is a beautiful, charming, elegant young lady from the foreign land of Charentes, born to the noble Saint-Coeurs. Betrothed to the future king of Artoire, Liliane ascends to the throne upon the death of the old monarch, to public approval and rapturous applause.

With the passing of time, however, the public opinion towards Liliane turns. It soon transpires that the new queen is vain and flighty, and she cares not one jot about the plight of the common people. The death toll continues to rise, new wars loom on the horizon, and despair swells.

Betrayed and helplessly hurt, a young man called Marius becomes a key player in a revolt that will shake the society of Artoire to its very core. Once a street urchin enamoured with the queen, and now a lead revolutionary, Marius is faced with a difficult decision. Can he really bring the queen he once adored to justice… or will his old feelings ruin all he has been working for?

You can purchase The End of an Actress on Steam or Denpasoft for the promotional price of $8.99, until the 28th of February, at which point it will cost $9.99.

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